Madri Pie

The Congregation of the Institute Madri Pie di Nostra Signora della Sapienza was founded by Abbot Paolo Gerolamo Franzoni (1708-1778) in Genoa Sampierdarena in 1753, with the aim of educating the youth of all social backgrounds. In fact, the Madri Pie carry out their educational activities in schools, church halls, oratories and hostels. Of particular value are the activities of the Congregation in the Mission in Peru.

The first missionary sisters left from Rome on October 17th 1983 and on 28th of the same year our first hospitality house officially opened in Carhuaz – Perù.

In 2013, in the desert area of Pachacamac – Perù, we opened our first free kindergarten run by our youngest sisters with the help and support of local volunteers.

Besides providing education for the children, we visit the the sick and the elderly and offer them the gift of the Gospel and the solace of the Eucharist. We teach the Youth the Word of God and plan recreational and learning activities in the local churches and boarding schools.

All this started in Peru a long time ago and still continues today, thanks to the support and generosity of our Italian and Peruvian friends.